Learning itinerary

From 27 to 29 November 2017, the Forum ODT 2017 organises an itinerant training in Switzerland, which aims to take a look at several forms of collective organisations existing in Switzerland and to question them in the following way:

  • What are the organisational strategies for valuing and marketing products, strengthening the link with
    the consumer, diversification through tourism?
  • What strategies of market access for which objectives (on-farm sales, certifications, mass distribution
    networks, catering links, etc.)?
  • How to mobilise producers? How to involve and interest them?
  • What roles do public actors play?
  • What are the determinants so that collective organisation will last in time (forms of governance, etc.)?

A learning itinerary for the meeting of organisations and the study of collective actions that support mountain products and territories.

Discover the selected initiative for the learning itinerary:

The aim is to offer learning through a constructed and peer-to-peer exchange. The dynamics of the group will also be important in the exchanges, because each participant will share his own experience with the others. Finally, time for reflecting and stepping back will be important to identify useful learning to be conveyed to the members of their own organisation.

Participants will visit concrete experiences and exchange on specific aspects of their activities. The visits will include interprofessional organisations, terroir brands, marketing network, etc.).

To know more, please have a look to the concept note of the itinerary learning.