The Forum

About the Forum

The Forum Origin, Diversity et Territories is an international community of practices and knowledge on the interactions between cultural and biological diversities, dynamics of territories and the products of which quality is linked to the origin. The Forum brings together a global panel of actors (territory actors, academics, policy, researchers, etc.), all engaged in a new ways of thinking and doing development, where the identity, the origin, the quality and the local diversities are catalyst of inclusive dynamics for the territorial development.

The main objective of the Forum is a co-construction and capitalization of knowledge about the Origin, the Diversity and the Territory with a long-term perspective of dialogue between stakeholders from all backgrounds and from all continents.

Roles of the Forum Origin, Diversity and Territory

Sans titreThe creation of a reference space for exchanging, consultation and sharing of good practices between a diversity of actors.

Sans titreThe generation of knowledge and the formulation of propositions whether in the research whether in the public policies and local development cooperation fields.

Sans titreTake an advocacy role positioning the question of diversities and tools of protection and valorisation of local specifies in the middle of publics and privates decision making processes.

Sans titreThe identification of synergy between projects and tools, the development of collaboration between institutions and actors.

Sans titreThe identification of gaps within the knowledge (« knowledge gaps ») where the research concerning concepts and issues need to be continued and deepened.